Published Papers and Supporting Files

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"Active" Working Papers

Work and the Disability Transition in Twentieth Century America (with Joseph Burton and Benjamin Howell).  NBER Working Paper No. 11036,  January, 2005.

Black-White Differneces in the Relationship between Disabiliyt and Marital Status

Spousal Employment Responses to the Onset of Disability

Warriers Don't Bowl Alone: Military Experience and Civic Participation among American Men.  (With William Ruger)

The Long-Term Persistence of Social Capital: Residential clustering among Union Army Veterans. (with Carlos Villareal and Joseph Burton)

The Global Decline in Education Inequality  (with Clayne Pope)

"Dormant" Working Papers

Cuegiving and Voter Behavior on Ballot Propositions (with Quin Monson, Leah Murray and Kelly Patterson). 

Evidence on time series cross-section estimators and specifications from Monte Carlo experiments (with Christopher Adolph and Daniel Butler).  Paper presented at the MPSA and ASPA meetings, 2005.

Two Centuries of Marriage and Mortality in the United States: Evidence from Family Histories (with Clayne Pope) sdf

Marriage, Health and Later-Life Mortality: Findings from a Sample of Union Army Veterans.  Paper prepared for the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America, Minneapolis, MN, 1–3 May, 2005.

The Puzzling Impact of Schooling on Health in Later Life: A Comparative Analysis of Common Chronic Illnesses.