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Outreach and PR Resources

Getting events on the BYU campus calendar

To put an event on BYU's campus calendar, visit and go to "Select an Event" in the upper right hand corner. Fill out necessary information for your event and include an appealing event description and image. Make sure that your department has approved the event information before submitting the form. Once you submit this form, your event information will be reviewed by campus editors and will be added to the calendar within several days.

Tips for making your event stand out

  1. Make sure your title is short, simple and descriptive. Note: the title doesn't necessarily have to be the event; it should highlight the most important and/or recognizable aspect of your event.
  2. Including an image will not only draw more attention to your event, but it will also add more explanation to your event. Images with less details will work better, so opt to not use an image of a flier ( is a great resource for high-quality images). Images must be 300x200 px so use an editing tool such as Photoshop or Ribbit to resize you image before uploading it.
  3. Use your description to really sell your event and to outline your event's who, what and why. Don't repeat details that will already be shown such as place, date and time of the event.
  4. Always optimize the other aspects for your event. If your event has multiple times throughout a day, click to add times. If your event spans over multiple days, click to add dates. Include the full building names for those who may not be familiar with acronyms and always "Add Map" for your location by dragging the location icon to your event location. Also, always include contact information.

Getting events on the FHSS calendar

If you would like to include your event on the FHSS calendar or have the college outreach team and writers promote your event with an article or social media, contact Laura Ricks at .

Poster and design assistance

To request design and/or printing services visit and select "Make a Media Request." Please make requests in advance so that the FHSS Design team has time to complete your request. Estimated times to complete requests are as follows:

  • Logos: 2 months
  • Pamphlets: 3 weeks
  • Magazines: 3-6 months (depending on size)
  • Fliers: 2 weeks
  • Posters: 2 weeks for original design/redesign and 2 business days for updates

The maximum width for poster printing is 44 inches and all posters that will be displayed in the KMBL lobby will need to be approved by the FHSS Dean's office. Since the times above are estimates, contact the FHSS Design team after submitting your request to get a better idea of how long your project will take.

How and where to schedule department posters

Poster requirements and scheduling

Poster scheduling:

Under the FHSS Dean's Office supervision, our student assistants will track the poster advertising for the college for both the JFSB and KMBL.

  • Email request to indicating preferred date to be displayed and taken down.
  • Subject request no more than two weeks ahead of time to be displayed.
  • Within two business days, a confirmation will be sent that the request was received.
  • Deliver poster(s) to FHSS Dean's Office (990 KMBL) the Thursday prior to the week of preferred display.

Poster requirements:

  • FHSS has been allotted a total of 12 poster spaces on the south sides of the two outdoor stairways on the east side of the JFSB. FHSS has a total of four poster spaces in the KMBL lobby.
    • Posters must highlight upcoming events (e.g. lectures, conferences, or exhibits) sponsored by campus entities. Ongoing services or programs offered by campus entities may submit posters as space permits.
    • Priority is given to events sponsored by FHSS units.
    • The poster must be mounted on foam core and be 24" wide and 36" high in size.
    • Posters should have a clear date or deadline for an event and list both the department and college.
    • All posters displayed must receive an approval stamp (with date) from the Dean's Office prior to being displayed. Unauthorized posters will be removed immediately and recycled.
    • All posters must be submitted by noon on Thursday of the week preceding the week in which the poster needs to go up. Posters will be removed the day after the event or on the Friday after the event. Any exceptions to these policies must be cleared by the Dean's Office.
    • The poster may stay up for a maximum of two weeks (the week before and the week of the event) although this schedule will depend on the need and chronological order of events.
    • The Dean's office retains the final decision on what is displayed.
    • Any damaged posters that become a safety hazard will be immediately removed.
  • Posters may be hung in department areas and on assigned bulleting boards subject to the approval of individual departments. Hallways displays around department offices can easily violate fire code or impede foot traffic and are subject to immediate removal. No posters are allowed in the restrooms.

Digital signage

FHSS controls the large monitors on the southeast corner of the first floor basement of the JFSB and the KMBL lobby. Below are the requirements for advertising on those screens:

  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • Allowed file types: .png .gif .jpg .jpeg
  • Images must be exactly 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Date and time of when we should stop showing it should be indicated.
  • Units in the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences may have two images running at the same time. Units outside of the college are limited to one image.
  • Images appear for 8-10 seconds. Those images with text in a light font or with a lot of text can be difficult to read and are not very effective.
  • Requests should be sent to Scott Dunaway at with the properly formatted file attached

How and where to schedule A-frames

A-frame signs are scheduled through the BYU Sign Shop. They are located in the Brewster Building in room 196. A-frames come in black or white and can be rented for $5 per day per sign or purchased for $85. These prices do not include the price of the sign itself. To fit in the frames, sign dimensions should be 24'' x 36''.

There is not a time limit for renting the frames. However, renting can get expensive, especially if you are renting a large number of signs. There is no set limit as to how many A-frames you can rent at a time. A-frames can be placed at most locations on campus as well as the location will benefit your event.

To order A-frames or signs for advertising, visit and submit a work order request (located on the left side of the page). In the description box, for an A-frame note the color you would like, if you would like to rent or purchase the frame and if you would like the frames delivered to a specific location. If you would like to purchase signs, describe the color, dimensions and wording. Once you submit your work order, you will get a confirmation email with a number that will be linked to your account and order. To schedule an A-frame for your event, contact the BYU Sign Shop no later than four days before you need the signs.

For more information, contact the BYU Sign Shop at 801-422-2324 or .

Video and Photo for Events and Lectures

To request video or photo coverage of your event visit and select "Make a Media Request." If you need a recording of a class lecture, a small photoshoot or simple video editing done, your request should be submitted no later than 3-4 business days before the date you need video or photo services. Other projects require that you contact the FHSS Video team with more advanced notice.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool to share department information and news, promote activities, and cultivate a personal community of current students, interested students and alumni. As a general rule of thumb, for every one time you post you should engage with your followers at least four times. While liking posts is good, commenting and sharing posts is better.

Story Ideas and Shareable Content

If you're looking for story ideas for newsletters or magazines, the Cougs You Should Know section on the BYU alumni website is a great resource. You can use entire articles as long as you attribute the articles to the author. Search the page for individuals and alumni who graduated from your department or who have had achievements in your department's field.

If you need high-quality and high-resolution photos for your publication or site, BYU Photo is another great resource. Your department may use photos on the site as long as you correctly attribute BYU Photo. For more information, see BYU Photo terms and conditions and copyright policy.