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Hickman Diversity and Inclusion Award

The FHSS Diversity and Inclusion Award includes a one-time $3,000 salary stipend and the awardee will be invited to present as part of the college diversity and inclusion lecture series. The faculty member can be nominated by the department or college, or by the college Diversity, Inclusion, and Collaboration committee (the latter of which will also be involved in selecting recipients). The faculty member recognized for this award will:

  • Engage in consistent teaching (including mentoring), research, and/or citizenship that strives to make a better world by promoting diversity or inclusion, as evidenced by one or more of the following
    • Teaching or research on diversity or inclusion that helps students to become informed citizens and thoughtful leaders in our global world
      • Research focused on diverse individuals, societies, or families
      • Mentoring or experiential learning that is inclusive of a diverse group of under-represented students
      • Teaching or research that promotes local or global citizenship, justice, or equality
    • Additional teaching, research, or citizenship efforts that promotes diversity or inclusion, broadly defined