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2019 Civic Engagement Research Conference Will Focus on Millenial Political Engagement

Learn more about the impact millennials are having on the political landscape on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Read more

Hear Stories of the American West on the Writing Westward Podcast

With topics ranging from Native Studies to rural America to race and ethnicity, the Redd Center's Writing Westward Podcast features conversations between Brenden Rensink and writers who focus on stories from the American West. Read More

Dr. Sarah Coyne's Research Shows Social Media May Not Be As Bad As We Think

Studies show that moderating social media use can greatly reduce its negative effects. Read more.

Anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed? The Comprehensive Clinic Can Help

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need a listening ear, be sure to visit the Comprehensive Clinic for free mental health services.Read more

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Economics study finds simple ways to create workplace diversity

Economics professor Olga Stoddard found building workplace diversity is easier than we think through new research. Read More

Gerontology students learn to care for the aging generation

Students from the college's Gerontology program put their learning into practice while interning at Miami Jewish Health. Read more.

BYU-Jordanian team make exciting discoveries in Petra Field School

Archeology professor Cynthia Finlayson shares the new discoveries of this year's BYU-Jordanian team working with the Petra Field School. Read more

Is college getting easier? Economics professors led research to find out

Economics professors Eric Eide and Jeff Denning had their research on higher education published in The Atlantic Monthly magazine. Read more

Dr. Brian Cannon appointed department chair of History

Dr. Brian Cannon has been appointed as the new department chair in History, effective July 1, 2019. Dr. Cannon replaces Dr. Eric Dursteler, who has served as department chair since 2016. Read More

Study shows that immigrant students raise classroom performance

A group of sociology researchers recently tested claim that immigrant students drain resources from native-born students -- but they found just the opposite to be true. Read more.

Norwegian newspaper features family history intern Annie Smith

Norwegian newspaper Hamar Dagblad interviewed family history intern Annie Smith along with the managing director of the Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Ola Aas. Read more

Research finds home size does not equal family happiness

Researchers in the School of Family Life recently found that how families perceive their homes has more of an effect on family happiness than the size of the house or number of bedrooms. Read more

Compassion Focused Therapy teaches students balance 

Psychology professors Kara Cattani and Gary Burlingame’s research into Compassion Focused Therapy shows students how being vulnerable and compassionate can change the way they see themselves and their world. Read more

Utah Colleges Exit Poll Retired after 36 Years

The Utah Colleges Exit Poll has been an Election Day fixture since 1982. BYU political science professor and poll director David Magelby said this year's midterms is the first election in 36 years without the student-run poll. According to Magleby, the Utah Colleges Exit Poll was unique because it was conducted by undergraduate students and included a conglomerate of schools, majors, professors and students across the state.
Read More

12 takeaways from FHSS Alumni Achievement lecturer Jack Zenger

Like most students on campus, College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences 2018 Alumni Achievement lecturer Jack Zenger also struggled with deciding what to major in and what to pursue after graduation. Now a successful CEO and world-renown thought leader in leadership development, Zenger shared several pieces of advice on how to utilize psychology in the business world
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"I was never the girly-girl": At BYU visit, Colbie Caillat talks body image and BYU Research

"Forever, women have been expected to be a certain way, look a certain way. I know for me...I was never the girly-girl. When I first started touring, I didn't even wear makeup - I wore jeans...And then I started being told I needed to look differently because I was going to be on TV...All of that starts getting put in your head and if you don't have...Read More

The Family that Prays Together Feels Unified and Bonded with less Relational Tension

In a recently-published study in the Journal of Family Psychology, BYU researchers explored how family prayer influences family relationships, finding a connection between prayer and a number of benefits for families.
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BYU Family History and Genealogy Students Connect Missing Soldiers to their Families

A group of BYU students has answered the Army's call for genealogical reinforcements. With more than 82,000 Americans still missing from conflicts dating back to World War II, students at the BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy have been working with the Army and the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency to return the remains of missing soldiers to their family members.
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Talking commitment: Upcoming Hinckley Lecture on cohabitation, commitment and marriage

Cohabitation is not an issue at BYU. In fact, as well-educated, religious and generally economically-sound individuals, students at BYU are among the least likely to cohabitate before marriage. But BYU students and couples are just as susceptible as anyone to
Read More

Hickman lecture 2018: How passion can change your life and relationships

Relationships aren't only meant to be enjoyed in the next life. They are conditions of salvation itself. This is why passion is so significant in our journey through life. In the 13th Annual Martin B. Hickman lecture, Professor of Family Life, Dean Busby highlights the ways in which passion is crucial and beautiful in our lives and relationships.
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