Master Teaching Lunches

​​​​​​​Winter 2019

Dawn-Marie Wood - ​"Failure 101: Managing Socially Prescribed Perfectionism in the Classroom and Teaching Students to Cope with Setbacks​"​​ - February 27​​​

Mikaela Durfur - ​"Seeding and Harvesting Hope in the Classroom: Applications for Faculty and Students" - February 6​​​

​​​Fall 2018

Joyce Adams - Preparing Students for Learning​ - November 28



Josh Gubler - Managing Elephants: "The Role of Emotion in Effective Teaching" - October 17​​

Michael Larson - "Teaching During the Rigor and Replication Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities" - September 25​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Winter 2018

Julianne Grose - Finding a framework to build on: How Experiential Acivites Provide a Strong Structure for Deeper Learning - March 28​

​​Award: Maesar Teaching (Life Sciences)

Neil York - Old Guy, Old School: A Defense of Lecturing in Class - February 27​

​​Award: Martin Hickman Innovation in Teaching​

Jason Carroll - Helping Students with controversial gospel topics in the classroom - January 31

​​Award: Martin Hickman Innovation in Teaching

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