Committe for Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion

Mission Statement

The Committee for Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion seeks to nurture a Zion community--grounded in unity, mutual respect, and charity toward all--in the BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences. To achieve this goal, we support the college in the following three areas: (1) We promote the recruitment, training, retention, promotion, and support of faculty of color, women faculty, and faculty from other underrepresented groups, recognizing that their perspectives and contributions enhance the quality of our college's research, teaching, and programming. (2) We collaborate with faculty members, deans, chairs, mentors, and other campus partners to create inclusive academic environments where faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds and experiences can succeed, thrive, and contribute to the aims of Brigham Young University. (3) We directly support the College in its goal to help students become informed citizens and thoughtful leaders who make our BYU community and the broader communities in which they live more just, equitable, happy, and inclusive.